Sep 13, 2013

Update - Things going smoothly

We are nearing the end and things are going very smoothly. KM has been studying for the GED, we have gotten her testing dates and we are just waiting for her birthday so she can get her permit and we can register her. We are so fortunate that there is a testing center where she will be able to have three chances for testing if necessary. I had to call several in our area and the one that we are going to be using is a bit further than I would like, but they are the only one who will be having testing in Oct, Nov and Dec, before the testing changes. Many of the other sites are only doing Oct & Dec and a few were even only doing Nov, which I found rather strange and limiting. All new registrants have to be registered before Oct. 18th in order to take the current test, so we are quite lucky that she will even be able to get in before the Oct cut off.

We had a bit of an issue getting the documentation necessary for her to take the test as a 16 year old. I was shocked that so few of the people that I spoke with either had no idea what she would need as a home educated child who has never attended high school or had no idea that a letter was needed at all for a child under 18. The college that she will be using was very willing to accept whatever I could provide, but urged us to try to get a letter that states that she is "not enrolled" in the public school - as for some reason this is a requirement to take the test if you are under the age of 18. When I contacted the school neither the superintendent's office nor director of student services had any idea of what it was I was asking for. I find it rather hard to believe that no one in our school district has taken the GED as a 16 or 17 year old, but whatever. I eventually was persistent enough to get what we needed and will be registering her on the 23rd.

KM has been studying her butt off and is feeling really confident in most areas, but suddenly has begun having some issues in math, but I think she just needs to review it and will be focusing on that area for a bit. I think she will do just fine on the first time through, but it is good to know that there is the opportunity to retest available if she needs it.

Hope you are enjoying your NOT Back to School time! We have been really busy around here transitioning, reorganizing, and trying to keep everything on track. Fall always brings a lot of home ed questions and feel free to either email me, leave a question or comment in the section below or to search through the archives to find an answer to any questions you might have!

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