Apr 26, 2013

Help your students pass the 2002 Series GED Math Test

Free resources to help your students pass the 2002 Series GED® Math Test

Math may be the only thing standing between your adult learner and a diploma. GED Testing Service has partnered with Pearson Learning Solutions to create a series of instructional videos that help adult learners understand key concepts on the GED® Math Test.

You can use these videos during math classes, or give the link to your students so they can self-study and strengthen their knowledge of basic concepts and make them more effective in your class. More than 20 math concepts videos are available online for free.

Visit GEDmathstrategies.com to begin.

In addition, KET and Kentucky Adult Education have launched a free adult education resource for instructors preparing students for the GED® Math test. The collection of lessons plans are aligned to specific targets on the Math test and include video segments and practice worksheets. To access this Targeted Math Instruction resource, visit PBS Learning Media.

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