Dec 19, 2012

Is the attitude toward "homeschoolers" changing?

Since we decided to take KM out of school 5 years ago, all I have heard is "Homeschoolers don't need a diploma, they just need SAT/ACT scores and a transcript to get into colleges." There was of course the catch all "make sure you check with the admissions office at the school of choice to find out what they specifically require of homeschoolers," but NO ONE mentioned the need for a GED or accredited diploma, in fact it was repeatedly stated that these were not necessary. This bit of information is often the biggest concern for parents when they take their kids out of public school and for years I have been one of those who have said there is no need to worry!

After posting information about the changes coming to the GED in 2014 to a number of home ed yahoo groups, I was shocked at the return posts about the increasing number of colleges that are requiring an accredited diploma or GED as part of their admissions process. I have been on a number of homeschooling through high school lists and seen all the schools that have accepted homeschoolers, yet had not heard how the requirements were suddenly and severely changing. These changes are taking place at both private colleges and universities as well as state schools. At a time when the number of families that are choosing home education is multiplying at an unimaginable rate, why is it getting harder for them to be accepted into college? How will this effect  the future of the home education movement?
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