May 20, 2012

Unschooling Summit - FREE Virtual Event

From the site -
Whether you are an experienced “unschooler,” a current homeschooler or you are eager to try a new approach to learning for your child, this summit provides information and guidance for parents who:
  • Realize the education paradigm has shifted and that children need more than rigid or ‘pigeonholed’ curriculums for real-world success.
  • Desire to educate and empower their whole child—mind, body and spirit.
  • Want to learn the differences between ‘unschooling’ and traditional ‘home-schooling’.
  • Long to expose their children to more experiences and opportunities not afforded by ‘traditional’ education.
  • Want a closer, deeper, heart-centered relationship with their children and be fully present as they move through the milestones of their lives.

Unschooling Summit | Embracing the New Education Paradigm

Although we aren't "unschoolers" and I don't particularly like the term, there are some really great speakers who have inspired me on my journey and some incredible topics scheduled. A great way to be inspired to allow your children to be the best educated individuals they can be!

Here is this week's schedule -

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