Mar 21, 2012

Homeschoolers making headlines this week!

An excerpt from the Clickschooling newsletter this week - 

First, homeschooled Doctor Grant Colfax was appointed as Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy by President Obama. Grant is the son of homeschool/unschool pioneers, David & Micki Colfax, authors of Homeschooling for Excellence and Hard Times In Paradise, that chronicle the Colfax family's homeschool experience. David and Micki raised four sons on a goat farm in Booneville, California, and achieved notoriety when three of their sons were accepted to Harvard. CLICK HERE to read the full story of Grant's appointment by President Obama.

Next, I'm sure you've heard of the "Forbes Rich List," released each March, that showcases the world's wealthiest billionaires. But have you heard of the Post Growth Institute's (En)Rich List? "The (En)Rich List celebrates a wealth of inspirational individuals. Collectively, the people highlighted present a rich tapestry that points to globally prosperous and sustainable futures... The people [living and dead] on this list represent wealth that cannot be defined by a dollar value.”

Homeschooled attorney and author, Janelle Orsi, was listed at #33 (out of 100) on the (En) Rich List and has been recognized for her ideas, achievements, and positive impact on the world. The list includes the Dalai Lama, Buckminster Fuller, Eleanor Roosevelt, and other names you'll recognize. You can read the full story here: 
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