Jan 29, 2012

Journey North - Mystery Class starts tomorrow!!!

Not too late to register!!! 

Calendar 2012
Any timeFind out How to Participate
Sept. - Jan.In fall 2011, monthly "Countdown" Updates are posted to help you get ready for the global game of hide-and-seek.
Jan. 30 - Apr. 9On Mondays, record your local sunrise/sunset.
Feb. 3 - Apr. 13On Fridays, sunrise/sunset data are posted for the ten Mystery Sites.
March 16The "Longitude Clues" are posted.
Mar. 23, 30,
Apr. 6, 13
Interdisciplinary clues from the Mystery Sites are posted each week. The final week of clues will also provide Contest instructions. (Please Note--out of fairness to all participants, we will only post the clues on their scheduled dates.)
April 27Deadline for your Answers! By popular request, you have TWO weeks to prepare your answers. No lateContest entries will be accepted (out of fairness to all participants). No exceptions.
May 4Locations of the Mystery Sites revealed!
May 11Meet Your Mystery Friends! (Pictures, background information about the sites and greetings are posted.)
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