Jun 24, 2011

Trying to Adjust

The past week has been a bit of a blur. Between CJ's abrupt departure for training for his new career, a vast weather change from high humidity to frigid rain causing havoc in the yard, and the exhaustion of picking up the slack and trying to find some sort of rhythm, KM and I really just trying to wade through the chaos and I am finding it very difficult for my fingers to get the thoughts out of my head clearly - so I apologize in advance if this becomes garbled or rambly.

CJ has gone away for things before, but there was usually preparation and adjustment time. This was very much an "OH I have to leave in two days and need to locate or purchase all the things on this list" and we then spent the next two days packing and collecting so that he could be off for a week. There was no time for lawn mowing, moving things to the attic, floor scrubbing or anything else that is CJ specific.  KM and I have had to pick up the slack and take on tasks that we don't usually do, but are glad to do it so that when he comes home for his brief stay we can enjoy the time with him before he has to go again. His rotation for the coming weeks will be a bit difficult, but once we get past it and into his regular schedule we should be fine.

I have many topics and posts that I have started, but have just been able to find the time to really delve into them and am hoping during the next few weeks I will be able to find some time to do so. For now be sure to check out Unplugged Mom and let the authors' know what you think by leaving comments!!!

You can see all the articles and reviews that I have submit at this LINK!

~~~~~~~So I didn't realize as I was writing this that I was going to be picked as a Blog of Note by the Unplugged Mom, but I WAS!!! Thanks to Laurette and Desiree for the wonderful words! It is always so great to hear that what you are saying is being received and enjoyed!!! Be sure to listen to this weeks podcast if you haven't heard it yet! -

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