Feb 2, 2011

Sometimes you need to step away!

The other morning KM was busy getting some work done before a friend was coming over to go sledding. She had gone through most of it, but when she got to her Algebra she seemed to hit a wall. Math is generally one of her favorite subjects and she usually breezes right through it, but for some reason she just couldn't focus. She was making silly mistakes and really just needed to step away. So she finished up some vocabulary, had lunch and waited for her friend to arrive. After her visit, she went back to her Algebra book and finished it up in no time, with very little error. 

When you see your child is having trouble with something that normally comes easy to them, you need to think about the situation and the results you are trying to reach. If your child is not focused and in a learning mood, then really you are just wasting time. Sometimes you just need a break. Let the student walk away, take a break and return to later on

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