Jul 15, 2010

Another MOS Trip

We tend to stay away from museums and such during the summer because we are just NOT big on crowds and as I have mentioned before, often feel spoiled because it is generally so quiet when we go during the school year, but I decided that we needed to brave it before my passes ran out and the kids needed something extra to do this week!

We specifically went to see the Whale Exhibit and Omni Film as part of KM's ocean film study she is doing over the summer and although I couldn't take any pictures of those two things, I did take some of others. I have to say that I really like taking just the older kids to the museum, as it allowed me to not have to count heads as often and be able to enjoy the exhibits myself as well as pointing things out to the kids along the way. I can't believe after all the times we have been to this museum there were still things that I hadn't noticed before, some were new and some were not, but here are some of my favorite shots -

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