Apr 5, 2010

Geography Fair - Antarctica

Despite the wretched cold that bombarded KM last week, we some how managed to get her exhibit finished for our local groups Geography Fair. If you missed our previous post that showed our resource list for it be sure to check it out for some very interesting information!
KM did a superb job answering people's questions as they came up and explaining what different parts of her project were. I was speaking to one of the other parents last night about how fantastic it is that she feels so comfortable with this great group of families. She NEVER would have had the courage to even ask a question of others at an event like this when she was in public school, never mind being a presenter and actually having to answer their questions on the spot! We are so fortunate to have such an encouraging, caring, respectful and FUN group of families to enjoy this incredible journey with!
The kids all did such an incredible job on their projects! All the hard work is totally worth it when you see their cute little faces running up to get their certificates!
Great Job to all the kids and parents who participated!
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