Oct 4, 2009

Curriculum revamped...already

Okay I am notorious for changing my mind with our curriculum choices and I didn't even make it through the first week without deciding that we were not going to use a few things for various reasons.

Health -
We decided to hold off a bit on the NIH Curriculum Supplements Series and to work through the rest of the Learn to Be Health site that she didn't complete last year. I was feeling as though we were really book heavy and wanted to go for something more computer based - this was a rather easy subject to do the switch on.

Latin -
KM was really not into the Latin Through Mythology like I thought she would be and wanted to do Minimus Secundus sooner rather than later, so I complied. I already had the set and figured why torture her if I didn't need to. I want her to love what she is learning especially when it comes to electives, so why force her to use a program that she really just doesn't want to?

History -
We planned on working through the Ancient China Thematic Unit using Between The Dragon and the Eagle, but she REALLY was not into that book, so again why use it if she doesn't like it. We are still working through most of the time worksheets and projects that went along with it and researching things as we go. When I was looking for things at the library I was reminded of the "You Wouldn't Want to" Series and Horrible Histories. KM has always loved these series and I decided to order the DVD series of Horrible Histories to supplement with - as some of the books are really hard to find around her.

Science -
KM REALLY wanted to start with the Simple Schooling Middle School Physics before we started working on Story of Science so we are holding off on that one until we have finished Physics. This actually did make a bit more sense to me after I thought about it because she has caught up with Earth Science, Astronomy, Biology and Chemistry over the last year and a half, but really hadn't done ANY physics work. So we will focus on Physics and then work through the Story of Science sets so that once we finish those KM should be ready to start High School level Science. I think this should give her a pretty solid foundation to work from.

So that is what we have changed so far. I think it will be about it for the fall session! You never know for sure though!
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