May 15, 2009

All bets are closed...

I did it, I didn't even make it a week and I have already changed my mind...hmmmm I am sure most of you are not surprised! I have decided that since KM is so far ahead in Math that we are going to take a few steps back and work on things in a more focused manner. I have a few workbooks that I think we need to work our way through as I am a bit nervous about her really grasping the full algebra 1 concepts at this stage in the game. So we will be using these instead of Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 in the fall - though wewill begin to use this program when she completes the four workbooks I have listed below I just think that if we rush it, it may backfire:
I also really just want to have a lighter hardcore schedule next year, as she really is ahead of where other kids her age are. I also went a little crazy and had a bit of a spending accident, but I got Joy Hakim's Story of Science and along with the student and teacher's guides. I think this will be our regrouping curriculum for science as well as all the fun experiments and books that I had listed previously. I think this will be our only changes, but of course I was VERY set on what I had last week as well! Guess that is the best part of homeschooling, switch it up as much as the budget can handle!
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